Mr. Downs represented me after being arrested for a F1 (drug charge) while on deffered probation. Probation officer asked me to turn myself into jail, and was luckily offered a $25,000 bond. After bonding out, combining my cases, and collecting the correct information to support my case. Terrance got my drug case dismissed. I am continued on probation with less than a year left.

Terrance is AMAZING!!!!

Probation Violation


Over time the Smirh/Downes law firm have handled many delicate cases for me, from employment, taxes, probate, and general legal council. Every case was handled with professionalism, consideration, and understanding. We never approached a case/situation where the options, alternatives, and worst case senerios were not spelled out before we started litigation. Punches were not pulled. The known provable truth and the subliminal truth were both discussed and reviewed. All cases have duel interpretation and potentially duel ending. It is so refreshing to work with an attorney firm who deals in the reality, good or bad, and covers your options in totality. Some firms I dealt with in the past were all about fees and billing. Not about what was the best approach to mnimize the emotional and financial harm to the client. Smith/Downes is not in business to make money on your problems. They are in business to maximize the potential to adjudicate your claim/issue/problem in such a way that you can breath freely and exhale, whether you win, lose, or just have you say in court. You will be please with the professionalism and dedication regardless the outcome. And their law office in Dallas makes you feel at home. I would trust my life and the life of my family to the law firm of Smith/Downs. Monica Smith and Terrance Downs I salute you. Thank you for being my legal consul. Sincerely, M. J.

Melvin Joseph S.

my son had several cases and he got them all dismissed, not only that he kepts informed all the way even sending him to immigration lawyer for consultation before trial. He went out of his way to ensure all bases was covered.

I have told all my friends about him I would recommend him 1000% if you want an honest person who will not dig your eyes out with money he was upfront with cost and that was it we hav grown to love him Thank you very much for all you did for us

This man is the best lawyer


I've had defense attorneys that kept me waiting in court for hours and hours just to reschedule the date without letting me know. To my last attorney, I could tell I was just another dollar sign instead of a scared kid who made bad decisions. My boyfriend just caught his first charge, and we are so unbelievably blessed to have found Terrence. He got my boyfriend the best deal possible and for a great price. We felt he genuinely cared for the future of our family, and he showed up to court on time!!! We will never do business with another attorney again.

Punctual, professional, and compassionate


i was arrested for 2 oz of marijuana ... Mr. Downs was able to get my case Dismissed with a drug counseling course along with no drug tests!!! I highly recommend him because he is an attorney that is passionate, honest , and fearless !!!!

Best Lawyer Ever


Mr Downs recently defended my son in a criminal case and kept me informed. He was very professional and knowledgeable and efficient in my son's case.

Great lawyer


Mr. Downs is a wonderful person and attorney. He has assisted me with several cases and has always given me great service and results. A stellar example of what a lawyer should be!

Excellent Service!


Monica is professional, understanding, and helpful. Consulting with her helped me better understand my legal options. I told a few people about what a benefit it was to get her opinions. She's a good person. My sister ended up referring someone else to Monica.


Hanh B.