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At the Smith Downs Group, it's the relationship that makes the difference. We are dedicated to providing you the best client care possible. With nearly 30 years of combined legal experience, over 80 jury trials, and expertise in both federal and state courts, we will put our litigation and trial experience to work for you.

Our firm was formed with the mission of addressing all areas of litigation, both civil and criminal. Terrance's legal career began in the King's County DA's office in Brooklyn, N.Y., where he prosecuted felony sexual assault cases on behalf of the Sex Crimes Bureau. In 2005, Terrance relocated to Texas, where he was assigned to the Organized Crime Division and several criminal district courts, prosecuting major narcotics and homicide cases. Monica's experience includes 8 years of complex commercial litigation at one of the oldest and largest firms in Dallas, Texas. She now focuses her practice on the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses, individuals, and corporations needing corporate and litigation advice.

About Terrance Breard Downs

About Terrance Breard Downs

I am a trial lawyer, with over 14 years of experience, mostly as a prosecutor in Brooklyn, New York and Dallas, Texas. I have prosecuted every type of criminal case imaginable: from Prostitution to Sodomy and Rape; from DWI to Intoxication Manslaughter; from Possession of Controlled Substances to Manufacture and Delivery Greater than 400 Grams; from Assault Family Violence to Murder.

In February 2016, after much consideration, I decided to turn in the badge that I had carried for nearly 6 years as a Dallas County Assistant District Attorney, and join my partner, Monica Smith, in private practice. I bring the same passion for Justice, that fueled me as a young prosecutor, to the table as an experienced attorney who now defends the rights of the accused. Put my training and experience to work for you.

About Monica M. Smith

Monica Smith is an attorney at Smith Downs Group, PLLC who focuses on the needs of small to medium-sized businesses, individuals, and corporations needing corporate and litigation advice. She received her BA in Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis before graduating with honors from Oklahoma City University School of Law in 2002. Monica specializes in overseeing and managing local counsel in all aspects of litigation, from pre-trial to appeal, as well as negotiating, analyzing and drafting supply; non-disclosure; confidentiality; non-compete; strategic alliance; sales representative; and joint venture agreements. Monica also has experience in discreet and successful resolution of white collar and criminal defense matters, including trial if necessary.